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OMNIS-BIT is the token that brings everyone closer to the cryptocurrencies'world with its services.

Why OMNIS-BIT is the permanent solution to the current blockchain problems. We have a self-maintaining and self-sustaining ecosystem that allows a PASSIVE INCOME trough its services:




Other Minor Services.


OMNIS token makes blockchain's technology more secure and transparent but also intelligible to all.

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The only project that remunerates users and OMNIS-BIT holders for real.

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The wallet for all OMNIS-BIT's services.


Services dedicated to agencies and users.

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Assistance every day,every hour managed by experts.


CryptoHunters.Club contributes to the welfare of society by reserving tokens for the ones in need.


SKILLS Project aims to create a real store of products, digital services and capabilities that will allow you to work comfortably from home, paid in cryptocurrency with the same system as Escrow Payments. Anyone can enter their own gigs, creating the possibility of micro-jobs.


Blockchain payments often turn into real scams because they are not guaranteed by any third party that can verify them, keep funds safe and secure for the purchase or sale of a good or service. OMNIS-BIT helps both parties achieve the final purpose.


It's a service that offers companies the opportunity to recieve an evaluation based on objective criteria. To make the result transparent, it will not only be the experts who evaluate the project in question, but also users with the highest rank. will reward OMNIS-BIT users who participate in the vote, meeting certain requirements. Project rating is only available for "Gold Digger" & "Hunters" users.


Every online action can be called a microtask, the latter being the basis of all internet technology. OMNIS-BIT allows you to make money with your skills.

Verified Airdrops

The team and the community of allow you to check projects and provide free Tokens distributions,that are guaranteed!


Ranks classify users considering their score. It determines the rank, then the latter is defined by the miscrotasks performed. Rank is very important as some features will only be available fo users who have high marks. "Gold digger" unlocks the possibility to use the "Project Rating" function.



We have created this exclusive platform to allow all our users to focus only on real work, to optimize your time and your income. Our idea is to share with you only valid and verified airdrops/Bounties by our experts on the subject. Today we often come across scam airdrops whose goal is only to steal your money and your data, with us you will be guaranteed to participate in token distributions without any other thought. will provide you with all the necessary to evaluate whether the airdrop is for you: the tasks to be done, the social to use,timing, dates of distribution. We provide full 24/7 assistance on any of your doubts and problems, we provide basic guides and we also share a portion of the earnings of platform with you.


What are airdrops?Airdrops are free token distributions in exchange for certain actions: like, follow, retweets .. etc, sometimes you only have to insert your own wallet!The bounties are the exact same thing, the only difference is that it lasts several days, usually the distribution of Tokens is greater and there are more tasks to do.Airdrops and bountys are a great opportunity for anyone who wants to invest for FREE in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Name Description End Requirements Rewards


A cryptocurrency is an equal, decentralized and digital currency whose implementation is based on the principles of cryptography to validate transactions and the generation of token itself.

Metamask is one of the best solutions for a wallet directly on your computer with a slight exstention in Chrome's browser.

Mobile wallet: Trust portfolio is backed by Binance. Safe wallet for Ethereum, ERC20 and ERC223 tokens.

You can find all the details on the page dedicated to the airdrops

Your earnings depend entirely on yourself, the more people you invite on the site the more you will earn in every single distribution.

Blockchain based projects need to make themselves known and attract investors, what better way than to assign social tasks in exchange for a token reward?

Each Omnis-Bit point is equivalent to 1 token. Tokens will be withdrawable when the minimum of 100 OmnisBit is reached, they will be distributed after the ico and when they have passed the antibot system.

There are more ways to earn Omnis-Bit: 1. Subscribing to the site 2.Inviting friends with your own referreal link 3. Being active in the official chat in a useful way 4. Participating in the tasks and events in the group.

There are some reasons that affect your negative score: A. Your referreal has not been successfully validated B. You have spammed into the telegram group or you have had an unsuitable behave C.You have carried out suspicious actions, your account is now in quarantine for verification

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